TFSA contribution room calculator (2019)

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When did you turn 18?

How much money have you contributed to your TFSA in total?


How much money have you withdrawn from your TFSA in 2019?


TFSA contribution room available in 2019:

$ 63500.00

TFSA contribution room available in 2020:

$ 69500.00
(Assumes an additional $6000 in contribution room available in 2020.)

How TFSA contribution room is calculated

  • Your TFSA contribution limit increases every year after you turn 18 and can be carried forward indefinitely
  • The yearly increase can be found here (currently it's $6000.00/year, indexed to inflation)
  • If you withdraw money from your TFSA you do not lose the contribution room, however you can only recontribute the withdrawn amount after January 1st of the next calendar year
  • Overcontributing to your TFSA carries harsh penalties found here
  • This calculator only deals with withdrawals from the past year, if you have withdrawals from previous years you can recontribute this amount as well

Note: this calculator is now updated for 2019! If you want to find your remaining room for 2018 use the calculator as normal and subtract $6000.00 from the room available in 2019.

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